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Dairy VR

How Many Can You Milk?

Aim of the Game

Milk as many cows as you can without losing any lives. If you get pooped on or kicked you will lose a life. Call the cows in or they will not enter the platform and you will miss milking that cow!

Getting Set Up

  1. Scan the QR code with your device.
  2. Put on Controller Straps (Ensure Left and Right are correct).
  3. Step into the square facing the TV’s and put on the headset.
  4. Adjust the headset until your vision is clear and tighten the Head strap clockwise.


  • Be free to walk around in your zone (grid walls will show you when you reach the boundary).
  • The controllers will resemble your hands.
  • Move your hands until they are at the desired cup.
  • Use the triggers located at the back of the controllers to pick up the blue cups.

How to Play

  1. Pull the triggers to start.
  2. Follow the instructions.
  3. Practice Cow 1 – Milk the cow by attaching all 4 cups onto the teats of the cow.
  4. Practice Cow 2 – Milk the cow while dodging the poop.
    Watch out for the tail to raise, take a big step back or to the side to dodge
  5. Practice cow 3 – Milk the cow while dodging the kicks.
    Watch out for the foot to raise, take a big step back or to the side to dodge.